Do companies really need gender-balanced workforces? Digital BCG thinks so.

October 25, 2019 | Sophie Grufferty


At European Women in Technology, we don't shy away from the hard-hitting questions you need answering. Diamond sponsors of European Women in Technology 2019, Digital BCG talked to us about why having a gender-balanced workforce is crucial to them and what plans they have to push the initiative into 2020 and beyond... 

Tell us about DigitalBCG and why being involved in European Women in Technology is so important?

DigitalBCG focuses on helping clients deliver competitive advantage and business superior performance with data, technology and digital. Our consultants and experts globally work across all industries and provide deep experience and expertise across a number of topics including:

  • Digital Transformation

  • Data & Digital Platforms

  • Software & Agile
  • Digitizing the Tech Function

Digitization is transforming businesses in all industries, and companies are investing heavily to put new systems and tools into place. Yet talent remains a limiting factor at many organizations. Despite this high demand for digital talent, many companies are not targeting women effectively. Women constitute 36% of university graduates in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines but only 25% of the STEM workforce and just 9% of STEM executive leadership.

BCG research has shown that there are real benefits—both operational and financial—to creating more gender-balanced workforces and leadership teams. Companies in which women are equally represented are more innovative and resilient, and women working at them have higher levels of engagement and ambition. This is why being involved in European Women in Technology is so important to BCG: it provides the opportunity to demonstrate that adding more women to the digital workforce will do so much more than just fill a growing need for talent.

What is the best part about working for BCG?

At BCG, we are proud that our women in technology are some of our best consultants, world experts in their field, and global leaders. We are a growing team, and place significant focus on developing female leaders and encouraging women to go into technology: we run events to bring women together to advocate for careers in technology, and have committed significant resources to undertaking research that has shown how diversity is disrupting tech and giving companies competitive advantage. BCG understands that to build the digital workforce that the future demands, companies must recruit—and retain—women, and is setting an excellent example in its own recruitment process, by encouraging women to become successful management consultants who are in turn helping clients to solve their toughest tech challenges.

Tell us about any initiatives you are proud of at BCG

One of our highest priorities is advancing our Women@BCG and Women in Technology agenda: increasing the number, success, and satisfaction of women not only at the firm, but also in the DigitalBCG practice. We offer global best-in-class career development, mentorship, and networking programs to help women excel—personally and professionally—and the results have been overwhelmingly positive: the number of female partners has grown at three times the rate of male partners over the past four years. Women make up more than 35% of our Executive Committee, and we are committed to making this number higher still. We have equal retention and promotion rates of men and women globally, and are committed to researching the challenges and opportunities organizations face in making the workplace work for women, and acting on those insights in order to keep improving.

What can attendees expect from BCG at European Women in Technology?

We will demonstrate the broad range of skills we have within the DigitalBCG practice, from strategic thinking of how emerging technology applies to companies, to practical application and implementation of the technology itself. Furthermore, we want to offer you some insights into who we are as a company, what kind of culture and leadership we have internally. The audience will get a sense of that when listening to our Global practice leader Karalee Close on main stage on Tuesday morning!

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