European Women in Tech 2018: 4 sessions and what you'll learn from them

November 5, 2018 | Georgina Varley


Ahead of this year’s European Women in Tech conference in Amsterdam, running from 28th-29th November, we checked in with four of our inspirational speakers.

Here’s what you can expect from Olivia Schofield, Valeria Pagano, Gunay Kazimzade and Bee Hayes-Thakore at Europe’s largest event for women in tech. These ladies will be sharing their knowledge of the industry and tips on how to succeed in a male-dominated field, encouraging other female tech workers to progress in the sector and smash that glass ceiling. They join over 100 other speakers from a selection of the world’s leading technology companies and more than 3,000 attendees at our two-day event. JOIN THE MOVEMENT

Olivia Schofield – Founder and CEO @ Spectacular Speaking and Vocal Women

'Be Boldly You: Turbo Charge your Executive Presence' – Wednesday 28th November, 16:55 – The Future of Technology

Olivia Scholfield-1

My session will look at how women hold themselves back when it comes to presentation skills.  We look at what we are doing that reduces our value in the eyes of others. 

Whether in a meeting, a pitch or a conference, being boldly ourselves impresses people. If we display self-worth, then it increases our perceived worth. I share stories from top women leaders I’ve coached and the career ladder I've helped them climb. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the mindset change you need to foster
  • Learn tips for actioning this mindset
  • Increase your perceived value
  • Increase your promotability


Valeria Pagano – Head of Sales @ OnMaCon

'Removing the Fear: Sales Tips and Tricks' – Thursday 29th November, 14:45 – Seminar Zone (Founders and Entrepreneurs)

Valeria Pagano-1

My session aims to be a "light in the dark" for anyone who doesn't like the old-school sales technique of Cold Calls.

For every young entrepreneur, jumping into the active sales world is not always pleasant.

During this session, I will share my own experience (from being scared to talk on the phone, to Head of Sales) and some personal tips and tricks that will help the audience to be less nervous.

Key takeaways:

  • How to overcome the fear of making Cold Calls
  • Talk less, learn to listen
  • My own 5Bs list and how to adapt it to your own personality and goals


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Gunay Kazimzade – Research Assistant @ Technical University, Berlin

'Hidden Danger: Racial and Gender Biases in AI' – Wednesday 28th November, 16:20 – Seminar Zone (Emerging Technology)

Gunay Kazimzade-1

In my session, I will be focusing on central aspects such as systematic discrimination (bias) in AI, trust, transparency, responsibility, sustainability, human-machine interaction and the need for new forms of education. Although they already influence the everyday life of citizens in many ways, many AI systems act as black boxes. Their public perception is significantly shaped by mistrust, but also by ignorance about the theoretical framework of these systems.

I am aiming to raise the awareness of the audience on the specific use cases – challenges resulting from gender and racial biases in AI and the opportunities to address this problem.

Key takeaways: 

  • Unconscious biases: biased data, biased algorithms, and models
  • Understanding the state of the art in inclusive AI
  • Interdisciplinary view into the challenge

Bee Hayes-Thakore – Director of Business Enablement, IoT Services Group @ Arm

'Winning in the New Era of "Little" Data' – Thursday 29th November, 10:00 – The Future of Technology

Bee Hayes-Thakore-1

In recent times, big data has captured our imaginations, but it’s only part of the story. We are entering into a world where the invisible ‘things’ that make our world function are getting instrumented, and intelligent.

My talk shall look into the future of technology and how “little” data from billions of IoT and AI-enabled devices will transform businesses. The key would be in how businesses can extract ‘meaningful data’ from these investments quickly to differentiate or innovate.

The future is exciting, but there are areas which we present opportunities for big collaboration – some initial efforts have been made by over 500 of the biggest tech companies but there is a lot to play for! We at Arm believe in Great Minds Don’t Think Alike and these big open opportunities are worthy of the most brilliant minds.

Key takeaways: 

  • Understand how data from billions of connected IoT devices will impact businesses of all sizes and sectors
  • How can you help chart the path to most meaningful data for your business?
  • Not all questions have been answered – what big challenges open up exciting opportunities for collaboration amongst technologists? 


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