Top Speakers for Retail & eCommerce at European Women in Technology 2019

October 17, 2019 | Celen Ebru Paytoncular

The habits, trends and customer expectations in the retail and eCommerce are constantly evolving. We've compiled a list of the top six speakers in the industry who will be speaking at European Women in Technology this November.


The rise of e-commerce presents new challenges and opportunities for retailers as e-commerce continues to grow and is set to become the most popular shopping method; the sector expanded by 11.4% last year alone. Traditional retailers must offer faster shipping times in order to compete, as the amount of time people are willing to wait for shipping is constantly decreasing. 

Understanding your customers needs, habits and trends is key to providing a service that stands out from the crowd. As retailers are facing constant disruption from new and emerging technologies, learn how top retail providers across Europe are maximising the impact of technologies, adapting to new market conditions, and ensuring their products and customer experience are smashing expectations.

We have gathered retail and e-commerce experts to speak at European Women in Technology this year, with speakers from eBay, IKEA Home Smart and HelloFresh. We've compiled a list of the top six speakers and the sessions they will be holding at this year's conference.

Top 6 Speakers:

Louise Rasmussen

Louise Rasmussen-1QA Manager @ eBay Denmark

Session: Quality Assurance Culture from Day One: What Developers Can Learn from a Tester Mindset

Rebecca Toreman

rebeccatoremanDevelopment Leader @ IKEA Home Smart

Session: UserCentric Design - Bridging the Gap Between Users and Products through Democratic Design

Sharon Gieske

sharongieskeData Scientist @ Picnic

Session: AI at your Service - Machine Learning for Customer Support


Monika Szilva

Monika Szilva 2Head of Consumer Marketing, Insight, Media, Digital and e-Business & Food Business Executive Officer @ Nestlé Hungary

Session: Am I able to Disrupt and Transform Myself into the Digital World? Yes, You Can!

Selina Bans

selinabansAssociate Director of Program Management @ Hello Fresh

Session: Change Your Life - Achieve Balance with a Four Day Working Week

Nicky Clement

nickyclementVPHR Organisation and People Analytics @ Unilever

Session: Driving Diversity & Inclusion using Data Analytics


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