The Aviation Industry: Top Speakers & Sessions

October 17, 2019 | Celen Ebru Paytoncular

The Aviation Industry is set to be well represented at European Women in Technology this November, with speakers from top aviation companies, including Boeing and SESAR. 

airplane on runway ready to take off with sunset in background

As air travel has become an accessible and essential form of transport across the business world, ensuring the safety, high performance and efficiency of vehicles as well as managing airspace and airports is critical to the industry.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicts that global passenger numbers will almost double in the period to 2036, rising to 7.8 billion annually. The aviation industry is already taking steps to meet this demand, as Airbus announced in July 2018 that nearly 37,400 new aircraft are required over the next 20 years. A knock-on effect of this demand is a rising demand in the maintenance sector; Airbus has estimated that the maintenance, repair and operations sector will be worth $120 billion annually by 2036.

Drones will soon be used as maintenance tools to detect surface damage on its fleet. Companies such as EasyJet are already trialling this, and have found that the use of drones reduced the time taken to inspect each aircraft, allowing technicians more time to complete other tasks. Lufthansa Technik announced last year that they were testing numerous technological innovations, including mobile 3D scanners and drone inspections at their Malta facility.

By bringing together technologists from across platform manufacturers and aviation operators, explore what is on the horizon for the aviation sector at this year's conference. See below our top five speakers in the aviation industry and the topics they will be covering at this year's European Women in Technology conference.

Top 5 Speakers:


Mariagrazia La Piscopia

mariagrChief Strategy and Programme Management @ SESAR

Session: Single European Sky - Towards Defragmentation Through Digital Transformation

Gail Orenstein

Gail Orenstein-2CEO @ A Drone of Her Own

Sessions: Female Founder Spotlight - Why I Drone Like a Woman But Drone in a Man's World & Why a Female Perspective is Critically Needed to Drone Over Refugee Camps

Aleksandra Rutkowska

Aleksandra Rutkowska-1Senior Learning Program Manager @ Boeing

Session: Personal Branding - Owning Your First Impression


Andrea Sims

Andrea SimsHead of Data and AI @ BAE Systems

Session: Workshop - Cracking the Code on Interview Technique


Sarah Korsia

Sarah KorsiaDigital Transformation- Cybersecurity Director @ Thales

Session: Chair Intro


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