Women in tech news: Karlie Kloss tackles tech's gender balance, UN Women and African Union's partnership, and a 'Linkedin for women'

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From industry news to long-form interviews, we round up the need-to-reads on diversity in tech


Girlboss CEO and Founder launch 'LinkedIn for Women'

Sophia Amoruso, Ceo and Founder of Girlboss, wanted to create a better professional platform putting women and women-focused projects in the spotlight. The platform helps to connect with other like-minded industry professionals.

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Increased automation and AI technologies might be a more significant concern for women than men

Automation and AI technologies could be part of the breakthrough women need to narrow the gender gap in work. However, recent research at the McKinsey Global Institute found that increased automation increase displacement resulting women needing to make far more significant transitions compared to men to capture new opportunities.

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Code Ninjas lead the way on increasing next generation of tech careers

David Graham, founder and CEO of Code Ninjas, is committed to getting more young girls, as well as boys, into coding by making tech fun. While women make up only 19 per cent of the UK tech workforce, they occupy only five per cent of the leadership roles. Code Ninjas is built around girls being able to see tech and coding as a future career, making them as likely to choose tech career as their male counterparts.

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SAP partners with supermodel Karlie Kloss to tackle tech’s gender gap

The partnership between SAP and Kode with Klossy, founded by supermodel Karlie Kloss, aims to tackle tech’s gender gap by teaching the next generations of women coding skills and helping to open new doors for them.

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Non-profit tech organisation launches Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech

Women Who Tech, organisation funding and showcasing women-led projects, announced a call for applications their startup challenge. Ten early-stage health tech startups, led by women, will be selected to compete for $50,000 grant.

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UN Women and the African Union partner to train girls how to code

The four-year-long project brings together girls interested in tech and advocates to
mainstream ICTs and gender into the national school curricula of African countries. The aim is to teach girls how coding can solve daily problems women face.

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Network with the most influential women in technology at European Women in Tech

Secure your spot at the summit among 4,000 other tech innovators and join us in celebrating gender diversity in the world’s fastest-growing industry