Women in tech podcasts for summer 2019: Sizzling debates, success stories and mentorship insights

July 26, 2019 | Emily Lewis

We round up the best tech podcasts hosted by women

According to the New York Times, we've officially reached peak podcast. There are now upward of 700,000 podcasts, according to the podcast production and hosting service Blubrry, with between 2,000 and 3,000 new shows launching each month

With so many options available we're able to hear stories and connect with like-minded people from the most expansive to the smallest of niches. For women in tech who face their own unique struggles in male-dominated fields, there are podcasts that invite you into their communities and allow you to learn from the journeys of others like you. Read on to find one that suits your experiences or just something to listen to during your commute to work.

Women in Tech Podcast

Hosted by WeAreLATech's Espree Devora, the purpose of the show is for every listener to walk away feeling that "if she can do it, so can I'. Featuring guests from all walks of the industry — engineers, investors, UX and UI designers — Devora calls it "actionable empowerment".

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We revealed in our ‘Women of Silicon Roundabout’ article how 32% of women in tech struggle to get a work/home-life balance, which can range from taking care of kids to making time for self-care. BizChix host Natalie Eckdahl knows this struggle better than most, with her business, her podcast, and her three kids in tow. You can listen to her interviews with female entrepreneurs and how they balance reaching their goals with a hectic family life.

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The Women in Tech Show

Host Edaena Salinas is a software engineer who talks to other women in tech about their work. Unlike other women in tech podcasts that focus on how to succeed in male-dominated fields, Edaena discusses the actual nitty-gritty of the work these women do. Their topics can range from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity issues, which makes for a very interesting 30 minutes.

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She Did It Her Way

Top female entrepreneurs who “did it their way” despite the barriers they faced, are the focus of this show. Led by Amanda Boleyn who left her own corporate job to pursue female entrepreneurship, the show tackles anything and everything that has to do with following your own path to success as a woman.

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Mentoring Moments

Hosted by Forbes contributor and entrepreneur Denise Restauri, this podcast brings you to an intimate setting in Denise’s NYC apartment. Here, you can listen in on her conversations with successful women who talk about their vulnerable moments of doubt and how they pushed forward.

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Munchin’ with Moguls

Millennial host Alexa Jorgenson makes anyone who listens to her podcast feel empowered and inspired. She interviews women on her show based on the episodes’ themes, which can be about careers, passions, and other topics that affect females. You can count on her influential women guests to be on the show because of quality content and not just fame.

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Whether you’re interested in Business Insider’s article about the latest Facebook crackdown against Huawei or Verizon Connect reporting on the latest advancements in space exploration, communication, and nanotechnology, Rocket is the podcast for you. This all-female podcast champions geek culture that encompasses a variety of topics to keep listeners guessing.

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The MADWomen Podcast

This podcast has a mission to motivate women in the digital and mobile industries. Host Liz Horowitz does this by interviewing executive-level females in these male-dominated industries, who talk about their inspiring journeys.

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Author and broadcaster Emma Mogul looks at the emotional role tech has on our lives with Ctrl-Alt-Delete, chatting to people about their relationship with the internet. Guests include tech moguls like Aminatou Sow, co founder of Tech LadyMafia, and actress and activist Gillian Anderson. The WEBBY-nominated podcast has been recommended by WIRED, the Sunday Times and WNYC Studios.

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LaToya Allen has a loyal follower base who rely on her specifically for information about people in tech who travel and work remotely. She discusses tips and tricks about freelancing, or about where to find co-working spaces.

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Be Bitwise

With a mission of encouraging more people of colour to enter the industry, the podcasts gives insight into the world of technology, the history of how all these innovations came to be, and how you can be an integral part of its future.

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Women Who Startup Radio

The world is changing for women with an entrepreneurial flair. Indeed, SCORE reveals that women-owned businesses today are just as successful as men-owned businesses, despite significantly bigger financial hurdles. This is what makes Women Who Startup Radio such an important tool for empowering women founders and women in tech, as they talk about these obstacles and how to overcome them.

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Girlboss Radio

Sophia Amoruso is probably one of the most charming and witty hosts out there today. In her aptly named podcast, she interviews girlbosses who have made significant impacts in their fields, whether it’s tech or business. From these conversations, listeners can expect to learn some hard lessons about making it in a world dominated by men, but also have a few laughs along the way.

Despite more opportunities opening up for women in tech, females should still band together now more than ever to succeed in their fields. The communities built around podcasts and the inspiration that comes from interviews and discussions play a critical role in this movement as they motivate listeners from around the world – one woman at a time.

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