Women in Technology Event Series #WinTec17

Crowd at European Women in Technology 2018-1

Firstly, Happy New Year Everyone!

Maddox Events is preparing a jam packed year of what will be great conferences across the board and I am especially excited about our Women in Technology Event Series calendar that we are in production with.

I will be taking the reigns once again and offering more content, more fantastic speakers and most importantly, more opportunities to take positive and effective steps towards a 50/50 gender split in the technology sector.

The agenda has been inspired and influenced by the previous attendees, speakers and event partners and cleverly crafted by me to deliver the information necessary to fuel your content and networking needs in 2017.

I have been asked what areas I am recruiting speakers into for our Women of Silicon Roundabout conference in London on the 11th May, so here goes!

If you'd like to submit a speaker request please email me, Michaela, at
speakers@maddoxevents.com and include the following information:

Full name
Job title
Proposed topic area (from below) with a description and title

I look forward to hearing from you! #WinTec17



We focus our attention to new innovations and trends in the tech world for 2017 and beyond. This session will showcase presentations on IoT, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Cyber Security and different Programming Languages such as Python, Ruby, Swift and Objective-C. We also extend this session to our interactive workshops where you can get hands on with some of our leading industry professionals. Be sure to bring your laptop and thinking hat along with you.

Specifically looking for senior level executives who can speak on:
- the latest Programming Languages
- IoT
- Machine Learning
- Cyber Security
- Virtual Reality
- Augmented Reality

The technology industry struggles to retain qualified female employees and we see a lot of mid-level professionals leaving their positions in various companies. It is vital for companies to find ways to retain the most successful and talented women into the leadership and executive pipeline. During this session we look at the best way for companies to hold on to female tech talent, eliminate promotion bias and recognise the accomplishments of females in the workplace in a motivating and encouraging environment. How can your organisation become dynamic, diverse and creative? We ask our leading industry professionals to provide presentations with key takeaways and advice, panels to provide audience interaction and workshops to look at case studies and offer practical strategy plans.

Examples of what we are looking for senior level executives to speak on:
- Retention of Women in the Technology Sector
- Women Returning back to Work Policy
- The Unconscious Bias
- The Culture of an Organisation

What if we tell you ‘if there are fewer women represented in top management or at board level then we have less women to serve the role as mentor’ would you be worried? #WinTec17 would! We have therefore developed a variety of confidence building sessions in order to look at 1. creating successful mentorship programmes and 2. confidence building in order to develop and progress women through a business. Many surveys have identified that after having been in their job for a while, women in technology actually drop in confidence levels. What are the main reasons for this? How can we avoid this? Let’s look at how you can market yourself, improve your communication skills and ultimately supercharge your career.

Examples of what we are looking for senior level executives to speak on:
- Mentorship
- How to Market Yourself
- Skills to Succeed in Technology
- How to Supercharge your Career

Let’s work out exactly how we can achieve the 50/50 split in technology. We know that a more diverse workforce will help us create a better business but let’s actually explore what some of the largest and most important companies in technology are actually doing to achieve this. Is the answer in flexible working, attracting better talent, supporting those returning to work after a break? Or is it a combination of all three …and more? Together we will work out what is crucial to achieving long-term success. We’ll explore collaboration and conversation as measures for reducing the gender disparity we see in tech as well as HR and talent attraction strategies and evolutions in management and team building.

Examples of what we are looking for senior level executives to speak on:
- Breaking down the ‘bro’ culture
- How can we Achieve the 50/50 Split
- Long-Term Success Strategies
- Action on Diversity in the Workforce

If you would like to attend you can register here or email Patrick for more information & group discounts.