About FinTech Focus

The potential of FinTech is infinite. This innovative technology is now a real-world application, driving our digital economy and forcing companies to adapt.

We are proud to announce that this year’s European Women in Technology is introducing exciting new FinTech content throughout the agenda!

European Women in Technology is founded upon 3 core pillars aimed at tackling the intersection of technology, business and people, celebrating the successes, and inspiring those in tech to create change across all elements of diversity and inclusion (not just gender). Our FinTech content will also build upon this whilst exploring the following areas:

Technology Enablers

Technological ‘enablers’ provide the crucial technology to support and develop fintech companies’ digital presence via various channels and devices. Discover the new entrants, startups and attackers within this space.

Businesses Cashing in on a Cashless society

People around the world are increasingly making digital payments, taking us towards a cashless society. Are incumbents responding to competitive threats or ready to invest in partnerships?

Innovative Leaders of the Future

Many established companies are disrupting or improving the financial services industry by using technology to serve their large, existing client base. Explore the fintech that is helping the digital revolution and enhancing current platforms.

We’re proud to have created a community focused towards empowerment, action and change. One where we pull each other up, as we reach new unchartered heights. We champion women in FinTech, celebrate business advances (both startup ventures and the incumbents pushing for change) and give a voice to inspiration through shared success stories of triumph and change in the face of adversity!