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Dr. Judith Wunschik

Dr. Judith Wunschik

Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Siemens Energy

Dr. Judith Wunschik has served as Chief Cybersecurity Officer for Siemens Energy since October 2019. She is accountable for securing Siemens Energy’s business operations, products, data and assets, as well as for ensuring compliance with cybersecurity regulations. She is serving as thought leader for cybersecurity as well as advisor to Siemens Energy’s senior leadership on cyber risks related to products, services, and business operations. In her current position, she is shaping the future global cybersecurity capabilities for Siemens Energy, including Information Security Operations, Supply Chain Security Management, and Industrial Cybersecurity for products and solutions.

Dr. Wunschik previously held senior management positions in the European banking sector, most recently as Chief Information Security Officer for ING Germany and ING Groep N.V. in Amsterdam. Her work included responsibility for various information security functions such as security monitoring and incident response, IT risk management, as well as IT development & operations in the software delivery chain. She is highly experienced in working with a wide range of expert groups and is a renowned public speaker and valued member of prestigious international security committees.

Judith Wunschik holds a PhD in the fields of solid-state physics and computational theoretical physics from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.