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Stacey Shkuratoff

Stacey Shkuratoff

Staff Software Engineer, Guild Education
Stacey is a software engineer proudly hailing from Canada. Her professional journey officially began in Vancouver, BC, back in 2009, and she's been on a dynamic path ever since. Stacey brings a wealth of experience ranging from ensuring system reliability to mastering chaos engineering and front-end infrastructure. She's collaborated with teams spanning the globe and enjoys hearing the vast array of experiences of other engineers. Currently, Stacey serves as a Staff Software Engineer at Guild in Denver, Colorado. Guild helps employers provide tuition-free education, skilling, and career mobility to their workforce. In her role, Stacey embraces the art of leading through adeptly navigating multiple teams simultaneously and providing guidance where needed or a helping hand in many different projects. It's a challenge she wholeheartedly embraces, driven by a profound love for her role - for deeper insights, don't miss one of her sessions! Beyond wrangling technology, Stacey's a passionate advocate for encouraging more women to enter the field of engineering. She firmly believes that we need more diversity and equality across the influential technical roles. Stacey has dedicated her time to being a mentor and has even shared her wisdom in a public high school, igniting the passion for software engineering in young minds.