Both inspirational & deeply technical with an open, friendly & inclusive atmosphere.

Engineering Manager, Cloudera

This event empowers women to progress, and not be afraid to do so

Employee Capability Specialist, Arrow

A great event where all women can come together and support each other to be stronger and much more powerful.

Quality Manager, Viessmann

Why you'll love European Women in Technology

Discover what it’s like to network with like-minded individuals
Getting hands-on with our interactive tech sessions
Why you should still attend if you’re from a non-tech background
Find out what it’s like being a speaker & an attendee
Make new connections and meet old friends
Being inspired & discussing topics like imposter syndrome

The Women in Tech World Series in Your Words

I felt motivated to look into myself, analyze my strengths and weaknesses and be focused on personal development.

Client Onboarding Associate, Workiva

A very energizing event with a unique opportunity to engage with my techy sisters all round Europe!

UX Consultant, Cognizant

It’s not just a window of opportunity for women, it’s a huge hole in the wall!

Software Developer, Ericsson