Technology Talks

Whether you are an advanced technical professional or someone who is just beginning their technical journey, we offer a wide variety of talks, discussions, hands-on workshops and roundtables to meet your technical content needs. Focusing on the most important innovations, the technical section of the agenda will keep you informed and at the forefront of development.

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Career Development

Since the emergence of the pandemic, the tech sector has accelerated in dominance across all industries and now more than ever it is essential that women progress in tech as the products and services being created are touching every single aspect of life and business. We are in the middle of a transition that is creating a host of opportunities for women and it is more important than ever to invest in your career.

Expect a combination of inspiration, practical advice and guidance, as our speakers share insights to empower you into action.


Business Transformation

We are witnessing a new breed of business, responding to the digital revolution and adapting to a new normal.

Here we will highlight post-pandemic processes, showcasing how to combine people, purpose and technology. Our leading speakers will explore the evolution of work and the technologies that are streamlining and reinventing next-generation organisations and workflows.


Equality & Equity

Women are still challenged in their pursuit and progression within the tech sector.

Here we will explore Diversity & Inclusion initiatives for both small and large organisations as we drive towards stronger and more unified workplaces.

There is increasing evidence that the pandemic has harmed the progress of women in the workplace, join these sessions to learn how, together, we can turn the tide.

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