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European Women in Technology, 2022

European Women in Technology is the place where technology professionals are inspired and celebrated!

  • Network with other women working in technology
  • Take part in in-depth, technical workshops
  • Enhance your skills portfolio

We bring together leaders and future leaders to create the perfect blend of diversity, inclusion, inspiration and expertise.

Our team is industry-leading, with access to the largest speaker network allowing us to provide an experience for women in tech to maximise their careers and be part of a truly global movement.

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Why Attend?

Reignite your passion for work. While the pandemic might have tested our resilience and put our creativity on mute, we’ve learnt how to adapt like never before. Join us in person and learn how to springboard your way back to a better, stronger, more dynamic career path.

Gain Insight
European Women in Technology sets the standard for thought leadership content and you’ll gain access to new processes, digital age role models, cutting-edge technical talks and insights to realise your true potential, while achieving your goals.

Explore tactics to foster a culture of growth and establish a sense of belonging within your workforce. Join our campaign for an equitable future, one that invests in building inclusive workplaces for all.

Connect with like-minded female professionals across a multitude of networking opportunities. Identify mentors, engage in progressive conversations and meet some of the greatest minds in Europe.

Join Us In 2022